AJ Preschool

  • Phone: 502.451.3434
  • Mail: preschool@adathjeshurun.com
  • Website: http://ajpreschool.com
  • Address: 2401 Woodbourne Ave. Louisville, KY 40205

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be Jewish to attend AJ preschool?
No, we welcome all families from all different religious background. We do teach a blessing that the children learn in Hebrew. The children learn about the Jewish holidays.
What type of food is served?
We keep a vegetarian Kosher kitchen. Our chef serves farm to table fresh foods. All children are served a morning snack each day. We provide breakfast (for early morning children), lunch (for children who stay past noon), and an afternoon snack (for children who stay past 3pm) on days they are signed up for.
Can I bring a special birthday treat for my son/daughter to share with the class?
Families are welcome to celebrate their child’s birthday with their class! As we are a Kosher preschool, all treats must follow our approved Kosher list. For a complete list of local vendors, please click here: Approved Kosher treats
What qualifications do your teachers/staff have?
Our teachers have a variety of educational backgrounds. All our teachers have the state required 15 continuing educational hours each year. Our staff has as many as 35 years of experience teaching children. Our average turnover ratio for teachers is 12 years.
What are the hours for the preschool?
Our hours for the preschool are 9:00am-12pm. We are open 7:30-6pm M-F. Any extended day hours, before 9:00 or after 12:00, are determined monthly by each family’s individual needs.
Do you have any special area classes?
Once a week your child’s class will attend a music class, movement class, and science class. We also have a school wide sing-a-long every Friday.
What is a typical preschool day schedule?
8:50-9:15 Welcome/ Open play
9:30-10:00 Outside
10:00-10:10 Restroom Break
10:10-10:30 Snack
10:30-11:00 Room Exploration
11:00-11:20 Extra Curricular Class
11:20-11:35 Restroom Break
11:35-11:50 Circle
11:50-12:10 Carpool
Are you open year round?
We follow a school year calendar (Aug-May). School is closed on JCPS Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break. We have an optional 8 week summer program (June-July). We are also off on the Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. You can view our school year calendar here
What is your discipline policy?
We use positive reinforcement and redirection. In some cases we do use a time away/time out. On some occasions children may be brought to the office to talk to the Director. Communication between parents and teachers are always encouraged and welcomed.
Are the teachers CPR/First Aid Certified?
The majority of our teachers are certified in both CPR and First Aid. There are at least three teachers in the building at all times who are certified.
What is your inclement weather policy?
CLOSINGS: If Jefferson County Catholic Schools are closed due to inclement weather, AJ will be closed.
DELAYED OPENINGS: We will open at 7:30 am regardless of delayed openings by Jefferson County Public or Catholic schools.
EARLY DISMISSAL: If JCPS announces an early dismissal time or if Louisville has announced “Operation Snow,” AJ will close one hour after JCPS elementary schools.  When the roads become hazardous we may close early so that children and teachers may arrive home safely.  If JCPS is not in session AJ Preschool will make an on-site decision about closing early.  Everyone will be notified.

Please watch your preferred local news channel for school closings.  If there is a prolonged closing and school can be functioning, you will be notified by telephone.

In the event of a tornado WARNING (not watch) all children will be kept at school until an all clear alert has been sounded.  For everyone’s safety please do not attempt to pick up your child before the all clear signal.


There will be no refunds for days missed due to inclement weather.