AJ Preschool

  • Phone: 502.451.3434
  • Mail: preschool@adathjeshurun.com
  • Website: http://ajpreschool.com
  • Address: 2401 Woodbourne Ave. Louisville, KY 40205

Infant program

A typical day in our infant program will include many multi-sensory activities. Our infant play space is filled with toys, books, balls, and gross motor play sets. Activities your child will experience throughout the day are finger plays, singing, talking, holding and reading. Your infant will enjoy stroller rides and quiet time to get quality sleep time. We are committed to developing the needs of the whole child- intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative, and physical.

We will work with you to develop your infant’s routine. We will learn the individual needs of your child including nap times, play times, diapering needs, and feeding times. We strive to provide each day the opportunity to learn by exploring and discovering with nurturing teachers.