AJ Preschool

  • Phone: 502.451.3434
  • Mail: preschool@adathjeshurun.com
  • Website: http://ajpreschool.com
  • Address: 2401 Woodbourne Ave. Louisville, KY 40205

Extended Day Program

Before Care 7:30-8:40 am:12274711_1203126123050766_519894645048900448_n
Special attention is given to greet every child with a warm welcome to our breakfast room. Children are offered breakfast and enjoy eating with their friends. We encourage the children to begin their day with free play. Our morning program is very relaxed and inviting.

After Care 12-6 pm:
Our afternoon program is designed to feel like home. The children eat lunch family style while socializing with their friends and teachers. Each child has their own cot for rest time. After rest time children are offered a snack. Our afternoon is an unstructured time of the day. The children have an opportunity to play outdoors on our playground, have free play in the rooms, art opportunities and time to sit with a teacher for some hugs and reassurance.

Enrichment Program 12-3 pm:

This program is offered to our Pre-K students. The program has planned structured activities such as math games, phonics and writing activities. The group will have lunch together then a playground time. The children will have planned activities that will be challenging and enjoyable. Our program believes in the hands-on approach to education and developmentally appropriate academic activities. This program also allows the children to get used to a longer academic day.